I called Adam today.

Possibly you share some blame for this problem.


Ning burst into the kitchen.

Lots of girls like Kelly.

Don't let go.

You need a photograph.

They'll be next.

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Avery's face lit up when Gunnar entered the room.


The Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before mid-century.

I've apologised, so lay off, OK?

Whoever stole the money should be caught, made to pay it back, and go to jail.


I'll talk the matter over with my father.

They know who I am.

That's real gold.

The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

Today, for the first time in a week, Vincenzo was able to eat solid food.

I made friends with them at the school festival.

I have no intention of retiring. I'm still young.

Take my hand. The two of us are going to construct a utopia.

I'm so jealous.


I would rather not eat the same food again today.

Please don't encrypt your file.

Write with your left hand.

The part of the queen does not suit her.

I have no idea what happened.


Harv still writes poems.

They were drinking.

I'm not mad at him.

We've had enough of this bad weather.

We'll wait a while.

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Do you know where my old glasses are?

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My watch seems to be broken.

Age deprived him of his sight.

I met a guy named Miriam in the park.

Rudolf just left me there.

Jane may be playing tennis with my brother.

You'd be a fool if you borrowed money from a loan shark.

The doctor told me that I needed to eat more vegetables.

I don't think Les could do that.

The terrified woodcutter fled as fast as his legs would carry him.

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Let me give you some ideas on how to rewrite this.

It was an enjoyable week.

We're young.

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She's ruthless.

Ilya tried to strike up a conversation.

He's younger than you think.

I was too tired to walk any farther.

Bring me the newspaper, please.

The man passed by without so much as glancing at her.

Rafik was irresistible.

This young man very much resembles my brother.

I didn't expect to ever see Maarten here again.

She wasn't friendly with him then.

The Prime Minister is feeling the heat over his statement.

I came here looking for her.

I'll have to tell him.

Who do you think will win the next U.S. presidential election?

Logic and mathematics are nothing but specialised linguistic structures.

She detests Earl.

In its home country, France, Tatoeba became a social and cultural phenomenon.

When we are small, everything seems so big.

She asked him if he was a student at this school.

I think Sylvan is creative.

Never write the words "bortsch" and "shchi" in German!


Your persistence is not appreciated.

She finished writing a letter.

Then she told the King the evil deed which the wicked witch and her daughter had been guilty of towards her. The King ordered both to be led before the judge, and judgment was delivered against them. The daughter was taken into the forest where she was torn to pieces by wild beasts, but the witch was cast into the fire and miserably burnt.


Help me out here, Connie.

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This author doesn't understand at all why a man and a woman who can't become lovers would become friends.

Is that so unreasonable?

Personally, I don't think Polly has a chance of winning.


I can't sleep at all!


I only have one blanket.


Josh took Mann and her daughter home.

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You know, I think that Frederick really liked you.

We will never forget the day the typhoon ruined the crops.

Lester helped himself.

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Everything is but a dream.

Anyway, it's my problem.

Why does Oliver not want to hang out with us?

Diogo Morgado has been called "Hot Jesus".

Evelyn won't be killing anybody else.

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I owe you one, Markus.

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The son asked a question of his mother.

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I don't understand any French.


If we need any help, I'll let you know.

He isn't a man to take a bribe.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


It's a portrait of my deceased father.


What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

You will be called Cephas.

There is a rapid increase in world population.


Some kind of party upstairs kept me up till one last night.

The men are all asleep.

He made bold to speak to the King.

I have enjoyed myself very much.

It is apparent that the architect devoted much attention to details.

It was too soft.

This is a picture of my family.

I think I'd better help you.

They checked whether the room was empty.


A baby is adorable.

Having lots of free time, I've decided to study French.

We can't function like this.


I go to sleep at ten almost every day.


He can rest.

I left my credit card at home.

Frances is first in line.

Doesn't that bother you?

Welcome to our 1st French class.


Catch your breath.

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If it had not been for your help, we might have failed.


What would you do if you had ten thousand dollars?

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He accepted gifts from them.

We went on board at ten.

I could come back later.


Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

He took advantage of the occasion to visit the museum.

The victorious country dictated the terms of peace to the defeated country.

There is pressure on the cornea from the inside of the eye.

Tell me something about them.

Compare your sentence with the one that's on the board.

The new restaurant opened last week.

You need to be more patient.

I won't be there.


I haven't talked to Gail in years.

With so much noise I couldn't sleep last night.

It's a worldwide problem.


I'll come back Monday.

He provided the boys with food, clothing and shoes.

Mayo became a dancer.

Saad whispered something to Charley and she smiled.

I guess I fell through the cracks.

Corporations aren't people.

Can't you talk some sense into Eduardo?


Jaime lived, Carisa is alive, Norman will live.

We've been friends ever since.

I've got some business to discuss.

My friend George is coming to Japan this summer.

I like to make my clothes last as long as possible.


I've heard of him.

Why not let me worry about that?

Sid said he went there for a job.

These apples look very fresh.

I'm here to do what I can.

Joy will not last forever.

He is great in many ways.

Howard is getting a cup of coffee.

Hazel wiped his feet on the doormat.

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Charlie fears neither God nor the devil.

I had Miriam create a website for me.

He is busy preparing for the trip.

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Hiroyuki told Rudy she was wrong.

That's all true.

Why did you call me?


Triantaphyllos unfolded the map.

Every day, meteorites fall to the Earth.

Panzer put his stepladder in the back of his pickup truck.

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That's your idea.